Drain Excavations

in Canterbury, Folkestone, Thanet & Across Kent

At BP Drains Ltd, we always try to solve your drainage issues with simple, hassle-free no-dig solutions. Sometimes, however, your property can suffer from drainage problems so serious that our team needs open access to your system. In such cases, drain excavations represent the easiest, safest and most effective way to replace damaged parts.

Operating out of Ramsgate, BP Drains Ltd has direct access to locations throughout Kent. This includes key service areas like Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone and Thanet.

Our NADC-approved team shares over 50 years of trade experience. We have completed excavation projects at domestic, commercial and industrial properties across the region. No matter the size or complexity of your drainage issue, we have the expertise to solve it.

You can view examples of our drain excavations, and wider range of services, on the Gallery page.

What are Drain Excavations?

Put simply, excavation involves physically digging a hole or trench to gain direct access to areas of damage in your drainage system. Because most pipe networks lay beneath the ground, including under gardens, patios, driveways and pavements, this service comes with unavoidable disruption. Like any reputable drainage company, we keep this to an absolute minimum.

You can rest assured, we only excavate as a last resort. In some cases, though, in situ repairs simply aren’t possible.

Drain excavations are extremely complex, so you must leave yours in the hands of proven professionals. For example, when on sites in locations like Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Ramsgate and Thanet, we dig out manually with a meticulous attention to detail. This avoids inflicting more damage to the already weakened pipe and preserves the otherwise healthy system around it.

Some of the most common reasons for excavation work include:

  • Flooding in the Pipes
  • Extensive Collapse

Drain Excavations | What to Expect

In addition to the site work itself, such as the digging and repair work, your start-to-finish excavation service includes:

  • Site Assessment (Including CCTV Survey)
  • Health and Safety Considerations
  • Storage of Excavated Materials
  • Site Reinstatement

Site Assessment

Before we start digging, we carry out a CCTV survey inside your drainage system. This allows us to locate the exact position of the damage. In turn, this precise information shows us exactly where to dig, ensuring we only excavate where necessary.

Drainage pipes are often located near other utilities, like electric and gas pipes. Your site assessment will also locate these pipes, avoiding any accidental damage to them.

Health and Safety Considerations

Be it in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Thanet or any other Kent location, our Ramsgate-based team conducts drain excavations on private and public land for a wide range of customers and clients.

The physical act of digging a trench, and then working around an open one, poses a genuine risk to safety if not managed properly. This relates to our own personnel, you and your family, site workers and members of the public passing by.

We generate a health and safety report tailored to your specific site in line with all relevant HSE guidelines.

Storage of Excavated Materials

Drain excavations result in a high volume of displaced materials, from earth to surface coverings. We find an appropriate place to store these materials that is not only safe, but also doesn’t affect project efficiency.

If you don’t need the displaced materials upon completion, we can arrange for their responsible disposal.

Site Reinstatement

Following the repair work, we then backfill the trench we created. This is one of the most important parts of your excavation service. Improper reinstatement can lead to an array of problems for your property in the future. These include flooding and subsidence, both of which can lead to even worse damage to your drainage system.

Whether we work in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Ramsgate, Thanet or any of the surrounding areas, we reinstate trenches to the same high standards as every other aspect of your service.

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