New Drain Installations

in Ashford, Ramsgate, Canterbury & Across Kent

Are your current drains long past their best, or have they suffered damage beyond repair? Or are you undertaking a new build project that needs a new drainage system designed from scratch? BP Drains Ltd provides a start-to-finish service for new drain installations in Kent. Based in Ramsgate, our experienced team covers locations across the country, from Ashford to Thanet, and from Canterbury to Folkestone.

From the outset, we work closely with you to establish your needs and survey your site. We then draw up designs for your approval before completing the installation as quickly as possible, but without any compromise in quality.

Our team shares more than 50 years of trade experience as well as an array of industry-leading certificates, memberships and accreditations. When it comes to new drain installations, be they partial or entire systems, we have unmatched knowledge in every respect, including:

• CCTV Drain Mapping
• Optimising System Efficiency
• Planning Permission Requirements
• Liaising with Local Authorities
• Liaising with Sewerage Undertakers
• Compliance with the Building Regulations

New Drain Installations | What to Expect

Fitting a new drainage system represents a significant challenge. This is why you must place your project in proven, reliable hands. Failure to do so can result in a substandard, even unlawful, system that fails again far sooner than it should.

No matter how complex your own specific needs in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Thanet or the wider Kent area, our Ramsgate-based team has the expertise to deliver a fast, effective solution.

Our full range of services cover every aspect needed to successfully install a new drainage network. This includes:

  • Using CCTV Equipment to Map Your Existing System
  • Drain Excavations to the Required Depth
  • The Laying of New Pipework
  • Filling in Trenches Upon Completion

We use innovative technology to ensure we create high-quality, low-maintenance new drain installations.

For example, CCTV drain surveys give us a complete overview of your current drainage network.

This allows us to identify any areas that suffered more extensive damage and may represent weak points.

This information allows us to determine how best to design and install a new system with optimal performance and longevity.

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Expertise

Be it in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone or Thanet, BP Drains Ltd has equal proficiency with domestic, commercial and industrial drain installations in Kent. As an independent company based in Ramsgate, we recognise that our service takes place in and around family homes and places of business.

During new drain installations, you can rest assured that we minimise disruption as much as possible. You can also rely on us to work in a safe, hygienic manner.

Our company works with a meticulous attention to detail. We use pipes of the right size, we create appropriate gradients, we connect securely to main sewers and we backfill correctly.

With BP Drains Ltd, you have complete peace of mind.

Testing New Drain Installations

Whether you’re in Ramsgate, Ashford, Canterbury, Having laid your new system, we carry out the necessary tests to ensure watertight connections. This involves flushing water through the pipes to see if any leaks out. Needless to say, if we uncover an issue during testing, we will rectify it before performing more tests.

Quite simply, we don’t consider new drain installations complete until they are fully functional and provide you with confidence.

Our dedication to customer and client satisfaction has played a key role in making us the trusted choice for new system installations in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Ramsgate, Thanet and throughout Kent.

Call 01843 293 040 or 07590 849 967 to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team. We perform new drain installations in Ashford, Ramsgate and across Kent.


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