Drain Descaling in Ashford

The Benefits Associated with Drain Excavations & Our Full Range of Services

At BP Drains Ltd, we believe our long and varied client list speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our services. We are the trusted choice for private homeowners, landlords, property developers as well as local businesses and industries. What’s more, a significant amount of our business in and around Ashford comes from direct recommendations and repeat custom.

If you’re searching options for drain excavations and new drain installations, or you require drain lining, drain descaling or tree root removal, find out what sets us apart from the competition.

Of course, all drainage services come with certain benefits. However, to maximise these, it’s best to leave your work in the hands of proven professionals. With more than 50 years of shared experience, our team has the flexibility to adapt to situations of any type, size and complexity.

Most importantly, this approach allows us to deliver truly beneficial results.

How Our Services Benefit You

No-dig Solutions and Drain Excavations

Like any reputable drainage contractor in Ashford, BP Drains Ltd only excavates as a last resort. With CCTV surveys, we can perform services like drain lining, drain descaling and tree root removal without having to dig. Needless to say, this drastically reduces the cost and length of your service and the disruption it causes.

Sometimes, however, drain excavations are inevitable. Be it widespread damage, collapsed pipes or a system that is simply too old to repair, excavating is still the most effective solution for some problems, especially those that result in new drain installations.

When we do have to dig, you can rest assured that we take every step possible to minimise the duration – and disruption – of your service.

Planned and Reactive Drainage Work

As any reputable drainage company will agree, a proactive approach to maintenance is integral to keeping your system fully functional. Staying on top of small issues not only optimises efficiency, it reduces the chances of emergency situations arising.

Regular CCTV surveys allow us to identify potential problems before they develop. In turn, our team can carry out work like drain lining, drain descaling and tree root removal quickly and effectively.

Failure to work proactively will only result in reactive work. While our clients in Ashford trust our 24/7 callout service for all drainage emergencies, it’s always recommended to avoid them in the first place. By letting issues get out of hand, we will likely have to perform drain excavations. In extreme cases, we might even have to undertake new drain installations.

Drain Lining

As a no-dig solution, the most obvious benefit of lining your drains is the lack of digging and disruption. Most sewer drains and stormwater pipes lay beneath patios, driveways, swimming pools and entire buildings. A simple drain lining allows us to deliver an effective, long-lasting repair without disturbing these surfaces and structures.

As an added benefit, the resin used in lining work has outstanding longevity. This makes it highly resistant to corrosion and leaks.

Drain Descaling

Along with identifying the need for tree root removal, CCTV surveys uncover lingering build-ups and debris that could lead to blockages. Regular cleaning of the pipework at your Ashford property offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Improved Water Flow
  • Removal of Odours
  • Reduced Water Bills
  • A More Hygienic Home
  • Clear Blockages While Small
  • Avoid Drain Excavations

Drain descaling also goes hand-in-hand with many other services. Because we use CCTV equipment during this process, we also uncover previously unknown issues. As such, it’s not uncommon for descaling to act as a springboard to services like drain lining and tree root removal.

Regular cleaning also extends the lifespan of the system supporting your Ashford home or business. This delays the need to invest in new drain installations.

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