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Answering Your Questions About Roots in Drains

When it comes to blocked pipes, drains and sewer systems across the country, tree root ingress is one of the most common causes. As a drainage company covering Folkestone and the wider Kent area, tree root removal is certainly one of our most-used services. Unfortunately, a system with tree roots inside can lead to extensive structural damage, not only blockages, water leaks and flooding.

While drain lining and subsequent drain descaling represent an effective fix in most cases, sometimes we may need to carry out drain excavations to resolve the issue. In extreme cases, we may need to perform new drain installations. These are usually partial system replacements, not the entire system.

Tree root intrusion, along with various other drainage issues, is why surveyors recommend that prospective house buyers conduct a pre-purchase CCTV drain survey before committing to a new property.

Because of the potential severity of intruding tree roots, we receive questions on the subject regularly. To help inform anyone in Folkestone who needs tree root removal work, we have answered some of these queries below.

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Tree Root Intrusion | Your Questions Answered

How do tree roots get into my drains?

Like any other living thing, trees are always looking to enhance their chances of survival. As such, their roots seek out sources of water. Condensation naturally forms on the outside of drainage pipes, so tree roots in the vicinity grow toward them. Of course, your pipes have water flowing through them on a near-constant basis, so the roots then try to find a way inside.

Fine root hairs gain access through cracks, fractures and pipe joints as well as inspection chamber walls and benching. This is why regular maintenance checks at your Folkestone property are so important. CCTV surveys identify small cracks, and drain lining applications fix them. We can then undertake drain descaling to clear any lingering build-ups.

As specialists in no dig-solutions, drain excavations, new drain installations and tree root removal, we cover the full spectrum of drainage problems. No matter what stage your tree root intrusion problem is at, we can find a solution.

What happens when the root is inside the pipe?

Fine root hairs can gain access to old and modern drainage pipes alike. Once they have passed into the pipe itself, the fine roots develop into tap roots and then root masses. Over time, this mass grows, reducing the pipe’s internal bore. If left unchecked, this will eventually cause a block, possibly even structural damage.

How do you perform tree root removal?

As with all our services in the Folkestone area, the way we approach your tree root problem depends on the severity of the issue.

If there isn’t any major displacement to the joints the roots have penetrated, we can cut them away relatively easily. Our team then applies a drain lining and can carry out drain descaling if needed.

In cases of serious displacement, or even large-scale fracturing to pipes, drain excavations may be the only solution. In many cases, we have to remove the damaged section and replace it with new drain installations.

Of course, there’s no singular approach to tree root removal. No two jobs in Folkestone are the same, so we tailor our approach to deliver the most effective results possible.

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