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What You Should Do if Your Bath Drains Slowly

Has your bath or shower tray started draining slowly? If you’ve noticed that murky, soapy water lingers long after you’ve dried yourself off, there’s usually an issue somewhere in your drainage system. Fortunately, this is a relatively common issue that pops up in households across Thanet on a regular basis. However, you should take swift action to avoid facing much bigger, more disruptive problems.

From drain lining to new drain installations, and from drain descaling to tree root removal, BP Drains Ltd covers your every need. This includes no-dig solutions and drain excavations.

On this page, we explain the likely cause behind your slow-draining bath or shower and how you can stop it happening again in the future.

Why is Your Water Draining Slowly?

The toilets, baths, showers and sinks in your Thanet home all empty into the same drainage system. Because you can’t actively see this system at work, it’s easy to take for granted just how much work it gets through day in, day out.

It’s relatively easy, then, for a build-up of debris to occur. When it comes to clogged showers and baths, this is usually a mix of shampoo, soap and hair. Much like situations involving our tree root removal service, these build-ups develop slowly over many weeks or even months.

By the time your water starts draining slowly, or doesn’t drain at all, you likely already have a sizeable blockage in your pipes. But don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need anything like drain lining, and you certainly won’t need drain excavations or new drain installations. At most, you may need some drain descaling to clear your pipes of more stubborn build-ups.

As such, it pays to stay alert to the early signs of an issue. In addition to slow-draining water, this also includes unpleasant smells. If you don’t take immediate action, you only pave the way for more hair and soap to pass into your drains, adding to your clog’s size.

The sooner you act, the easier your problem is to solve.

Whether you’re in Thanet or any other location, BP Drains Ltd has the experience and expertise to handle any drainage issue. Our team is always happy to provide advice in addition to our many services.

This customer-focused approach has made us the trusted choice for drain excavations and new drain installations, drain lining, drain descaling, tree root removal and much more.

How You Can Prevent Clogs

The best way to avoid bath and shower blockages is through proactive cleaning. Regularly removing and cleaning your plugs is a great first step. This is especially true for pop-up plugs which are well-known for trapping debris.

We also recommend placing drain protectors in showers and baths. Again, this allows Thanet homeowners to collect debris while still letting the water drain efficiently.

Lastly, you should also clean your sink overflow and drain to remove small blockages before they establish themselves. You can use natural products like baking powder combined with white vinegar or boiling water for impressive results.

Should You Call a Professional?

While home remedies usually clear these sludgy blockages, it’s always worth calling in professionals if you feel there could be an underlying issue. Our team undertake manual rodding and high-pressure water jetting to help blast away any persistent clogs.

Drainage issues of any kind are stressful and time-consuming to deal with. BP Drains Ltd is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help resolve yours as quickly as possible.

In addition to clearing blockages in and around Thanet, our services also include:

  • Drain Alterations
  • Drain Descaling
  • Drain Lining

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