Drain Lining in Folkestone, Canterbury, Thanet & Across Kent

Hassle-free, No-dig Drain Repair

Given its location underground, your drainage system is often ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It’s easy, then, to fall behind in maintenance services. However, the early signs of damage in your drains aren’t always obvious. Naturally, standing water and foul odours point to a block. But it’s impossible to spot small cracks in the interior wall of a pipe without specialist expertise and cutting-edge equipment. If allowed to develop, small issues lead to much bigger problems like leaks, flooding, water ingress, subsidence and structural damage.

BP Drains Ltd provides a drain lining service that gets your pipes fully functional without delay. Based in Ramsgate, we cover locations like Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone and Thanet.

As a form of no-dig drain repair, lining cracked pipes avoids the stress, disruption and costs associated with excavation work. This non-invasive process delivers an effective, long-lasting repair without the need for breaking through brick, tarmac, concrete or any other surface.

For faster, cleaner and cost-effective drain repairs, please contact us to schedule your own drain lining service.

A Closer Look at the Drain Lining Process

Put simply, this service involves applying a polymer resin to the inside of a damaged drainage pipe. Once applied, the lining bonds to the pipe’s interior wall, covering over any fractures or cracks. Our Ramsgate-based team can line damaged drains of any size, be it a small patch fix or a wider area.

Whether you’re in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Thanet or the neighbouring areas, your drain lining service starts with a CCTV survey of your drainage system. This information allows us to see the full extent of the damage and confirms that lining represents the most effective solution for your needs.

We then proceed to the physical lining process. Our team threads the lining through your drainage system to the damaged area. We utilise various methods depending on the size and condition of your system. In most cases, we will either inflate an air bag that shapes the lining to the dimensions of the pipe, or use water pressure to force the lining into place.

Following the application, we cure the new drain lining with either hot water or air. Once set, you essentially have a new pipe inside the original structure.

Having completed training with Renoline, we are certified installers of their market-leading equipment and consumables. From private homes in Ashford and Thanet to commercial properties in Canterbury and Folkestone, you can rely on our team to deliver swift results of the highest quality.

With a 24/7 callout service, our team in Ramsgate is always on hand when you need us most.

The Benefits of Drain Lining

When you choose BP Drains Ltd to line your damaged pipes, you benefit from:

  • A non-invasive, no-dig approach to drainage repairs
  • A cheaper, cleaner solution compared with excavation
  • Minimal disruption and downtime for your business
  • Premium materials that perform for decades to come

As an added benefit, the linings we use not only repair your pipes and protect them against future damage, they also have a low-friction surface that improves water flow.

If you have any doubts about the performance of your drainage system, please get in touch. From lining services to drain descaling, BP Drains Ltd covers all your needs in Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Ramsgate, Thanet and across Kent.

Call 01843 293 040 or 07590 849 967 to schedule your own drain lining service, be it in Canterbury, Folkestone or any other Kent location.


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